Echo Energy works for your success.
ECHO ENERGY is your partner in China for sourcing, product development, production, quality control and logistics.

Over 10 years experience of the Chinese market, ECHO ENERGY is a dynamic business which helps you to get the maximum benefit of the Chinese market. For you who are importers or distributors; we find, or develop the products which will help you to be a lucrative business, increase your margin, and reduce your buying or manufacturing cost.

Specialized in energy saving and electronic products, ECHO ENERGY accompanies you in the research of suppliers and products in China. We work and build confident relationships with our partner’s factories in China to guarantee the best market prices without a surprise. Every new supplier is audited and inspected before any order.
Our Assets:
- A passionate team
- A permanent presence in China
- Over 10 years of experience through China and Chinese factories
- All our contributors are trained and specialize in many ranges of products
- Extensive and dedicative quality control completed by a specialist
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